Inspired by Jane Austen

Friday Jul 24 2009
by Wendy

 Jane Austen novels have become a staple upon which other authors base their work. This Spring we saw the publication of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The author Seth Graham Smith has inserted paragraphs into what is the original text of the book. It has become a cult favorite but, as might be expected, readers either love it or hate it.   

Jane Austen fans will certainly hear resonances of Pride and Prejudice, in Tracy Kiely’s novel Murder at Longbourn, which will be published by Minotaur in September.  The main character Elizabeth Parker has much in common with Elizabeth Bennett as do many of the other characters. This Longbourn is on Cape Cod, not in England, and is a small hotel where a murder game is part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations. The murder turns out to be a real one.

Carrie Bebris also has a new mystery coming out in October. The Matters at Mansfield is the fourth in her Mr. & Mrs. Darcy series.  

Stephanie Barron started her Jane Austen series back in 1996 with Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrove Manor and went on to write eight others.  This year Barron is writing about Virginia Woolf.  Vita Sackville West’s famous garden at Sissinghurst is the setting for this mystery which revolves around Woolf’s death in 1941.  The title of the novel, The White Garden, is a reference to the all white garden at Sissinghurst, and will be published, in hardcover, by Bantam in October.

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