August Bestsellers

Friday Sep 04 2009
by Whodunit

The kids are back in school, fall is in the air, it's just the time for a new book! Check out what your fellow customers have been enjoying.

1. Michael Connelly,  The Brass Verdict,  Grand Central
2. Larrson, Steig, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Penguin
3. Barnes, Linda,  Lie Down with the Devil, St. Martin’s Minotaur
4. Dunnett, Kaitlyn.  Scone Cold Dead, Kensington.
5. Berenson, Laurien.  Doggie Day Care Murder, Kensington
6. Fossum, Karen. Broken,  Random House
7. Crosby, Ellen. Bordeaux Betrayal, Simon & Schuster.
8. Oust, Gail. Whack ‘n’Roll,  New Age.
9. Cleeves, Ann. White Nights, Macmillan
10. Frey, Stephen W. Forced Out. Simon
Trade Paper
1. Smith, Alexander McCall,  Comforts of A Muddy Saturday, Knopf
2. Schlink, Bernard. Self’s Murder, Knopf
3. Akunin, Boris. Sister Pelagia and  the Red Cockerel, Random House
4. Airth, Rennie.  The Dead of Winter. Penguin
5. Fossum, Karen.  The Water’s Edge,  Random House
6. Sjowall/Wahloo, Roseanna, Knopf
7. Sampsell, Kevin (Ed.) Portland Noir, Akash
8. Mankell, Henng. The Man Who Smiled , Vintage
9. Finch, Charles. The September Society,  St. Martin’s
10. Genelin, Michael. Siren of the Waters, Soho

Hard Cover
1. Larsson, Steig. The Girl Who Played with Fire, Penguin
2. Gregory, Phillippa. The White Queen,   Simon
3. Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat in a Topaz Tango,     Tor B
4. Reichs, Kathy, 206 Bones, Simon
5. Smith, Alexander McCall. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built, Knopf

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