THE LOST SYMBOL - Midnight Release Party

Friday Sep 04 2009
by Whodunit

Midnight Release: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, September 15, 2009

Regardless of how one feels about Dan Brown, the release of the third book in his Robert Langdon series is one of the big book events of the fall.  While rumours abound as to what the book will be about, neither publishing reps nor booksellers have been offered advance copies, one can expect the same pseudo-historical action-adventure thriller that The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons were.

To mark the occasion, Michael will be keeping the shop open on the 14th of September until the midnight hour, when the book can officially be sold. We will be offering 20% off The Lost Symbol (HC $36.95) for those who pre-ordered or who buy it at the midnight event. As is typical of our afterhours events, refreshments will be served.

This will also serve as a goodbye to Michael, who will shortly thereafter be jetting to Scotland to begin his PhD at the University of Aberdeen.  He will continue to write for the newsletter and website from abroad as well as acting as a book scout for both new and sought after used British authors.

So please come and join us whether to say Bon Voyage to Michael or to pick up the book!

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