Murder Most Medieval

Friday Sep 04 2009
by Whodunit

By far the most popular historical period for setting murder mysteries is the Middle Ages, an era ranging from the 5th to the 15th centuries. If you're interested in the genre or looking to try something new, why not try one of the following?

Clare, Alys
Doherty, Paul
Eco, Umberto
Follett, Ken
Franklin, Ariana
Frazer, Margaret
Gellis, Roberta
Gooden, Philip
Gordon, Alan
Grace, C. L.
Gregory, Susannah
Hamilton, Sylvian
Harding, Paul
Harrison, Cora
Highsmith, Domini
Jecks, Michael
Knight, Bernard
McIntosh, Pat
Medieval Murderers
Moore, Vivianne
Morson, Ian
Nanioka, Lensey (Japan)
Peters, Ellis
Penman, Sharon
Robb, Candice
Rowland, Laura Joh (Japan)
Sansom, C. J.
Schatzing, Frank
Sedley, Kate
Tremayne, Peter
Vaughan-Hughes, Pip
Westerson, Jeri
Wolf, Joan

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