September Bestsellers

Saturday Oct 03 2009
by Whodunit

It's fall, it's getting chilly, who doesn't want to just curl up in front of a fire and read? Need some ideas on what to try next? Here's what your fellow customers are reading.

September Best Sellers

1. Larsson, Stieg,  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,  Penguin
2. Beaton, M.C.   A Spoonful of Poison, St. Martin’s
3. Connelly, Michael,  The Brass Verdict,  Grand
4. Dibdin, Michael,  Cabal   Faber    
5. Vine, Barbara,  The Birthday Present,   Penguin
6. Lamb, John,  Treacherous Teddy,  Berkeley
7. Crawford, Isis.  Catered  Halloween,  Kensington
8. Elkins, Aaron.  Uneasy Relations,  Berkeley.
9. Baldacci, David,  Divine Justice,  Grand
10. Gerritson, Tess.    The Keepsake,  Random

Trade paperback
1. Rankin, Ian,  The Complaint,   Orion
2. Penny, Louise,  The Brutal Telling. Hodder
3. Leon, Donna   A Sea of Troubles, (Re-Issue)  Penguin
4. Atkinson, Kate.  When Will There Be Good News,  Doubleday
5. Brandreth, Gyles.  Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile.  Simon
6. James, Peter,  Dead Tomorrow,  PanMac
7. Cotterill, Colin.   Curse of the Pogo Stick.  Knopf
8. Akunin, Boris,  Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockeril.  Random House
9. Blount, Giles.  No Such Creature.  Random House Cana
10. Porter, Henry.  Dying Light.  Orion

1. Brown, Dan,  The Lost Symbol, Knopf
2. Smith, Alexander McCall,  The Lost Art of Gratitude,  Knopf
3. Gabaldon, Diana.   An Echo in the Bone,  Dell
4. Reichs, Kathy. 206 Bones.  Simon
5. Paretsky, Sara.   Hardball,  Putnam

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