From the Screen to the Page

Thursday Oct 29 2009
by Wendy Bumsted

I am not sure how many of you have been watching Castle, which is on ABC on a Monday evening.  The basic premise is that crime novelist Richard Castle, looking for a new character gets permission to follow a New York policewoman, Kate Beckett.  Beckett becomes the model for his new protagonist Nicky Heat. While the show is quite light, interspersed in the show are various interesting cameos by current mystery writers. James Patterson, Stephen Cannell, and Michael Connolly have all appeared.  Castle is often seen reading mysteries, the other night he was reading Chelsea Cain’s Sweetheart.  In this, the second season Castle’s first Nicky Heat novel, Heat Wave, has been published. Heat Wave is not just available in imaginary bookstores but really has been published by Hyperion and is available at Whodunit?

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