November Bestsellers

Saturday Dec 05 2009
by Whodunit

The holidays are almost upon us. If you need some ideas on what to buy your loved ones, aside from a Whodunit Gift Card, check out what your fellow customers were buying in November.

Mass Market
1. Barrett, Lorna.  Bookplate Special,  Berkley
2. Purser, Ann. Warning at One,  Berkley
3. Andrews, Donna.  Six Geese -A-Slaying, St. Martins
4. Hill, Reginald.  Cure for All Diseases,  Doubleday
5. Kingsbury, Kate. Ringing in Murder,  Berkley
6. Sefton, Maggie. Fleece Navidad,  Berkley
7. James, P.D.  Private Patient,  Knopf
8. Graves, Sarah.  A Face at the Window,  Bantam
9. Caine, Leslie.   Holly & Homicide,  Dell
10. Atwell, Sarah. Snake in the Glass,  Berkley

Trade Paperback
1. Fluke, Joanne. Plum Pudding Murder, Kensington
2. Medieval Murderers. King Arthur’s Bones,  Simon
3. Jardine, Quintin. Fatal Last Words, Headline
4. Crombie, Deborah. Necessary as Blood, Harper
5. Porter, Henry . Dying Light, Orion

1. Perry, Ann.   A Christmas Promise, Random
2. Harris, Robert.  Lustrum,  Random
3. Indridason, Arnaldur.  Hypothermia,  Random
4. Hart, Carolyn Merry. Merry Ghost,  William Morrow
5. Harris, Charlaine. Grave Secret, Berkley

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