Reviews from Abroad - The Good Thief's Guide to Paris

Monday Feb 01 2010
by Michael

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The Good Thief's Guide to Paris (Chris Ewan)

The second in Ewan's good thief series was a different, though possibly not as enjoyable sequel to a book I wrote at length about last year.  A more of a caper (which I as you know, almost always prefer), although their is a corpse, the book moves at a different pace than the previous entry.  Perhaps this is a result of the different setting, or the same constant action which the first book began with, either way the book started as a result with a very different feel to it.  Charlie Howard is a character who remains very charming, and who keeps the reader engaged even when the story around him does not. 

I did not 'feel' Paris in this effort the same way I did Amsterdam in the previous however.  For all his descriptions and colourful language, the city was not the character in this book that it was in the previous, and I feel the story would have moved on at roughly the level if it had been in any number of European cities.  Whereas in the first book, where you could see the canals and feel the cobbles under the tires of a stolen bicycle, in this one the city of lights feels a little dim.  If the added characters and potential storylines embedded in this  book can continue their way forward, and don't end up left as dangling threads, Ewan has still managed to set up his next book to be as a potential breakthrough novel.

Overall a sophomore effort worth reading, and a series I remain to have high hopes for.  

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