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Tuesday Feb 02 2010
by Sian

I continue to be woefully behind on my reading, although I am currently enjoying Nicola Upson's An Expert in Murder as well as Alafair Burke's Judgment Calls.

What I'm really focusing my efforts on these days is not only trying to expand my mystery reading, but also working on expanding the exposure of the store. The Bumsteds have always been early technology adopters, even if we didn't fully understand how to use it, but we've been slow really to embrace the internet for the betterment of the store. As a result of these efforts, we're hoping that you're going to see more of us online.

The website will continue to be our real home on the web, and as this newsletter going to press will be updated every day in some fashion. Expect to see more new releases, mini reviews, and updates on the world of crime fiction.

We're also hoping to make our presence known on Facebook, and we hope that you'll become a “fan” of the store. You can find us be searching “Whodunit Mystery Bookstore”.
Finally, we'll be tweeting every day on Twitter about the goings on at the store. You can follow us by searching for “whodunitwpg”.

If you have any ideas of things you'd like to see on the website, Facebook page, or Twitter please let me know at mysterysian@gmail.com.

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