January Bestsellers

Tuesday Feb 02 2010
by Whodunit

Curious about what your fellow Whodunit customers are reading? Are you ahead of the trends or behind the times?

January Best Sellers
1. Beaton, M. C. , Death of A Witch, Grand Central
2. Hale, Rebecca. How To Wash A Cat, Berkeley
3. Hyzy, Julie A., Eggsecutive Orders, Berkeley
4. Atherton, Nancy, Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon, Penguin
5. Rendell, Ruth, Portobello, Doubleday
6. McKevett, G.A. A Body to Die For, Kensington
7.  Connelly, Michael, The Scarecrow, Grand Central
8. Knight, Bernard, Crowner Royal, Simon
9. Myers, Tamar, Batter Off Dead, New Age
10. Fluke, Joanne, Cream Puff Murder, Kensington

Trade Paper

1. Smith, Alexander McCall, The Unbearable Lightness of Scones, Knopf
2. Clare, Alys. The Joys of My Life, Severn House
3. Sansom, C.J.  Revelation, Random House
4. Eriksson, Kjell, The Demon of Dakar, St. Martin’s
5. Rees, Matt Benyon, A Grave in Gaza, Houghton
 Rees, Matt Benyon,  The Samariton’s Secret, Soho

1.  James, P.D. Talking About Detective Fiction, Knopf
2. Rendell, Ruth. The Monster in the Box, Doubleday
3. Hill, Reginald.  Midnight Fugue, Doubleday
4. Kruger, William Kent, Heaven’s Keep, Simon
5. Banks, Ian M. Transition, Orbit

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