Customer Review: Free Agent by Jeremy Duns

Monday Feb 08 2010

As a long time fan of Len Deighton's classic espionage thrillers I couldn’t help but dive right into the debut novel "Free Agent" by Jeremy Duns. This is because some critics have favorably compared this new author to the now retired master of classic "cold war" thrillers.

For the most part the critics have got it right. This first book in a projected trilogy is excellent fare for spy-thriller junkies like myself. At just over 300 pages this is a tightly plotted, well researched well written yarn with the right blend of plot, character development and action.

Much of the action is set in Nigeria during its ugly civil war during the late 1960's.This is an original and intriguing backdrop for a spy thriller and a welcome change from the standard London-Moscow-New York milieu of most other similar novels.

Without giving away any of the plot, the main protagonist has to be in my opinion one of the most original in recent spy-thriller history.

As I stated earlier the books length is just over 300 pages. In my opinion this is a perfect length for this type of yarn. Far too many published thrillers these days are TOO LONG. They are over inflated, over written, lumbering dinosaurs that some editor should have taken a hatchet to. Just pick up most Robert Ludlum and later Tom Clancy to see what I mean.

To sum up, Jeremy Duns, "Free Agent" is well worth the time of any reader wanting an intelligent well written thriller.

By Tom Friesen

Whodunit Note: Free Agent is currently available in trade paperback and will be available in mass market this summer. The second book in the series, Free Country, will be available in the fall.

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