Review: Happy Hour of the Damned

Sunday Feb 21 2010
by Sian

I have a lot of authors that I read pretty rabidly but I always like to give a new author a try. If you've been in the store you're probably familiar with the wall of upcoming mass market covers we post behind the cash register. I saw the cover of HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED and while I'd never heard of the author Mark Henry, I asked the parents to order me in a copy (you can do this too, of course, for any title you please).

This is not your standard fantasy/mystery. For one, the main character (Amanda Feral) is an intelligent and stylish zombie. We're used to seeing zombies in books as bad guys or at least less than sentient characters. But secondly, this book is crude. Amanda and her best Zombie friend Wendy eat other humans with abandon and no shortage of details (you probably want to avoid reading the book while eating). It's also pretty sexual and the details involving zombie sex are not for the faint of heart.

Those caveats aside, I really enjoyed the adventures of Amanda and her gang of fashionable supernatural friends (a vampire and a succubi round out her crew). I'll look forward to reading ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD and BATTLE OF THE NETWORK ZOMBIES when they come into mass market (they're both available only in trade paperback currently). 

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