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Wednesday Feb 24 2010
by Whodunit

A great article on the joys of book browsing in The Guardian here. We can’t promise overnight service, but we can order in anything your heart desires.

Crime Writers of Canada have a newsletter of sorts (Cool Canadian Crime) that lists upcoming titles from Canadian mystery and thriller writers that can be found here. They’re helpfully sorted into sub-genre as well. We can hold a copy of any title and let you know when it comes in or, as above, special order any title we might not have ordered otherwise.

Canadian Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery writer Jo Walton blogs for (website for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery publisher Tor Forge) and a couple of weeks ago she wrote asking what Science Fiction/Fantasy books you would recommend to someone who doesn’t already read the genre (read here). So similarly, what Mystery book would you recommend to someone who doesn’t already read mysteries?

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