February Bestsellers

Tuesday Mar 02 2010
by Whodunit

March break is coming up, so no doubt you'll have some extra time on your hands (we hope). Need some ideas on what to read? Here's what your fellow Whodunit customers have been buying.

February Best Sellers.

Hard Cover
1. Parker, Robert B., Split Image, Putnam
2. Mankell, Henning, The Man From Beijing, Knopf
3. Brown, Dan, The Lost Symbol, Knopf
4. Robb, J.D., Fantasy in Death, Putnam
5. Patterson, James, Worst Case, Little Brown

Trade Paper
1. Godard, Robert, Long Time Coming, Bantam
2. Rees, Matt Benyon, The Samaritan’s Secret,  Soho
3. Rees, Matt Benyon, Collaborator of Bethlehem, Soho
4. Black, Cara, Death in the Latin Quarter, Soho
5. Hall, M.R. The Disappeared, Pan Macmillan

Mass Market Paperback
1. Haddam, Jane, Living Witness, St. Martin’s
2. Parker, Robert B., Night and Day,  Berkley
3. Larsson, Steig, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Penguin
4. Fluke, Joanne, Cream Puff Murder, Kensington
5. Collins, Kate, Sleeping with Anenome, New Age
6. McDermid, Val, A Darker Domain, Harper Collins
7. Beaton, M.C. Death of A Witch, Grand Central
8. Harris, Rosemary. The Big Dirt Nap, St. Martins
9. Gray, Alex, Glasgow Kiss, Little Brown
10. Doherty, Paul, The Spies of Sobeck, Headline

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