April Bestsellers

Wednesday May 05 2010
by Whodunit

Spring is definitely in the air. Why, it's practically time to start stockpiling books for your summer vacation! Here's what your fellow customers are reading.

1. Smith, Alexander McCall, Double Comfort Safari Club
2. King, Laurie R., The God of the Hive
3. Brett, Simon, The Shooting at the Shop
4. Leon, Donna, A Question of Belief
5. Quick, Amanda,  The Burning Lamp

1. Leon, Donna, About Face
2. Franklin, Arianna, A Murderous Procession
3. Nesbo, Jo, The Redeemer
4. Nesser,  Hakon, Woman with Birthmark
5. Brett, Simon, The Poisoning in the Pub
6. Nesbo, Jo, The Snowman
7. Liss, David, The Devil’s Company
8. Pepper, Andrew, The Detective Branch
9. Sjowahl & Wahloo, The Fire Engine that Disappeared
10. Indridason, Arnaldur, Voices

Mass Market
1. Cleeves, Ann, Red Bones
2. Albert, Susan Witig, Wormwood
3. Nadel, Barbara, River of the Dead
4. Harris, Robert, Enigma
5. Larsson, Steig, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
6. Jecks, Michael, No Law in the Land
7. Larsson, Stieg, The Girl Who Played with Fire
8. Beck, Jessica, Glazed Murder
9. Levine, Laura, Killer Cruise
10. Shelton, Paige, Farm Fresh Murder

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