Customer Review: Nowhere-Land by A.W. Hill

Wednesday May 05 2010
by Doreen Pruden

Nowhere-Land by A.W. Hill
First, take a large dose of suspension of disbelief. Mix in more than a hint of forgiveness for the author’s propensity for reminding us just how widely-read he is and for using in-group acronyms. Prepare to enjoy some well-turned description. Be ready to consider some very pointed and up-to-date criticism of organised religion and political authorities. Accept Ian Rankin’s positive jacket comment, although this is about as far from Rebus as I can imagine, and go along for the gripping and thought-provoking ride!

These comments come from a senior reader who absolutely doesn’t “get” computer gaming!

I haven’t taken the time to go back and find specific quotations, but, really, writing about the “quotidian routine” and dropping artists’ and writers’ names in like so many commas … a bit over the top. Conversely, I liked the description of “mountains that flank the basin like shrugged shoulders”, for example.

I might not have picked this book based on the jacket blurb – but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll likely pass it on to our son who both reads and “games”. He was disappointed in me when I didn’t finish an Iain M. Banks, so this may serve to restore my reputation!

By Doreen F. Pruden

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