Changes in the Store

Tuesday Jul 27 2010

If you have been in the store in the last few weeks you will have seen that we have been making some changes. The first was to take out the window display area. Although we and our customers loved Cathy’s displays we decided that we really did need to address the space issue and the window area had to go. The initial response has been how much less cramped the store feels.

We have also decided to make some changes in the shelving of the books. We will continue to showcase the new titles at the front of the store. We have created some new separate sections like the existing Scandinavian writers section. So far we have made a Canadian section and a Historical section. The response from customers has been positive as the new system makes it easier to find the kind of books you like.

Signage has been a problem in the past and we are working to improve this, so that you can find what you want in the store.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please tell us when you are in the store or email us at

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