Wednesday Review - An Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson

Wednesday Aug 25 2010
by Sian

It's taken me over a year to finish AN EXPERT IN MURDER by Nicola Upson and while that's certainly not the longest I've ever had a book on the go, it's still a little embarrassing. I’ve had a soft spot for Josephine Tey ever since my sainted AP history teacher (and mother, actually) assigned THE DAUGHTER OF TIME as summer reading. Somehow though, I just couldn't get much past the first chapter.

This summer though, I've been clearing the decks in order to make room for fall’s bounty of books. AN EXPERT IN MURDER was at the top of that list and admittedly, once I got started things started moving along nicely. In the end I enjoyed the book, although I found it all a bit gloomy in the middle. The years in Britain between the wars were a strange time, but I wanted more joie de vivre and less unceasing sadness. Maybe more MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR THE DAY than the depressing bits of GOSFORD PARK.

Anyways, there is a second book in the series and I’m intrigued to read it and see if I can get into it a little faster. The covers are stunning and the writing is lovely, I guess I'm just reminded at the end of the day that I really like something more cheerful.

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