Whodunit Mystery Book Club - The Lincoln Lawyer - October Questions

Monday Oct 18 2010
by Jack

The next meeting of the Whodunit Mystery Reading group will be meeting on Tuesday, October 26th at 7pm. This month's selection is The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. The book is available at the store for purchase and all are welcome. Questions up for discussions are as follows:

1.    Why does Connelly choose a first-person narrative for this book?  What advantages and disadvantages does the first person have?
2.    Is Mickey Haller a sympathetic character?  Does the author care?
3.    To what extent is the author’s setup of the major conflict of this book obvious from the beginning?
4.    Do any characters – except perhaps Mickey – develop in the course of this novel?  To what extent does Mickey change?
5.    Does Michael Connelly have any other memorable writing skills going for him except tension and plot twists?
6.    Is this an “easy” book to read?  Why?
7.    Does this book have a redemptive ending?

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