Updated Book Lists - December 2010 to March 2011

Sunday Nov 21 2010
by Whodunit

We've got book lists in the November newsletter, but they weren't quite complete because we hadn't seen all of our sales reps yet. Please find below more complete lists.

December Mass Markets
Beck, Glenn - The Overton Window
Becker, James – The Messiah Secret
Blackwell, Juliet - If Walls Could Talk
Butcher, Jim - First Lord's Fury
Childs, Laura - Bedeviled Eggs
Ciampoli, Max - Churchill's Secret
Clement, Blaize - Raining Cat Sitters
Colley, Barbara - Dusted to Death
Connor, Beverly - One Grave Less
Conolly, Sheila – A Killer Crop
Davidson, Maryjanice - Drop Dead Gorgeous
Davis, Krista - Diva Cooks a Goose,
Deaver, Jeffery – The Devil's Teardrop (reissue)
Edmondson, Jill - Dead Light District
Francome, John - Deadly Finish
Gardner, Lisa - Live to Tell
George, Elizabeth - This Body of Death
Godard, Robert - Long Time Coming  
Goldberg, Lee – Mr. Monk is Cleaned
Grafton, Sue - U is for Undertow
Graham, Heather – The Presence
Green, Simon - The Good, the Bad and the Uncanny
Haney, Eric - Low Country
Jance, J.A. - Trial By Fire
Kernick, Simon – The Last 10 Seconds
Lyons, C.J. - Critical Condition
Morgan, Kaye - Celebrity Sudoku
Myers, Tamar - Butter Safe Than Sorry
Nesbo, Jo - Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder
Palmer, Michael - The Last Surgeon
Patterson, James - Alex Cross’ Trial
Perry, Marta - Murder in Plain Sight
Purser, Ann - Tragedy at Two
Robb, J.D. Et Al – The Other Side
Stabenow, Dana (Ed.) - Unusual Suspects
Staub, Wendy Corsi - Scared to Death
Woods, Stuart - Lucid Intervals

December Trade Paperbacks
Adair, Robin - Death and the Running Patterer
Canadeo, Anne - Stitch Before Dying
Frazer, Margaret – A Play of Piety
Gaus, P.L. - Cast a Blue Shadow
Hewson, David - Death in Seville
Hill, Reginald - Midnight Fugue
Jecks, Michael - The Oath
Lansdale, Joe R. – The Bottoms
Macdonald, Ross – The Ferguson Affair (reissue)
Macdonald, Ross - Meet Me at the Morgue (reissue)
Paton Walsh, Jill – The Attenbury Emeralds
Porter, Henry – The Dying Light
Rendell, Ruth - Monster in the Box,
Rowland, Laura Joh – The Cloud Pavilion
Schlink, Bernhard – The Gordian Knot

December Hard Covers
Clancy, Tom - Dead Or Alive
Downie, Ruth - Caveat Emptor
Estleman, Loren D. - Left-Handed Dollar, The
Ferris, Monica - Buttons and Bones
Hoag, Tami - Secrets to the Grave
Penzler, Otto - Greatest Russian Crime Stories
Purser, Ann - Threats at Three
Rendell, Ruth - Tigerlily's Orchids
Thomas, Donald - Sherlock Holmes and the Ghosts of Bly
Washburn, Livia J. - Killer on a Hot Tin Roof

January Mass Market
Alt, Madelyn – A Witch in Time   
Atherton, Nancy - Aunt Dimity Down Under
Baldacci, David - Deliver Us from Evil
Bauer, Belinda - Blacklands
Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Valentine
Bentley, Jennie - Mortar and Murder  
Black, Cara - Murder in the Marais
Brown, Rita Mae - Cat of the Century
Christopher, Paul - Templar Conspiracy
Crais, Robert – The First Rule
Dennison, Hannah - Thieves!       
Doherty, Paul – The Mysterium    
Ellis, David – The Hidden Man
Fielding, Joy – The Wild Zone
Harper, Karen - Dark Harvest
Hewson, David – The Blue Demon
Hyzy, Julie  A. - Buffalo West Wing  
Kennedy, Mary - Stay Tuned for Murder
Knight, Bernard - Plague of Heretics,
Krentz, Jayne - Fired Up      
Laurie, Victoria - Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls
Lescroart, John - Treasure Hunt      
Lovelace, Merline - Catch Her If You Can
Mankell, Henning - Faceless Killers  
McKinlay, Jenn - Buttercream Bump Off
Murphy, J.J. - Murder Your Darling
Simmons, Dan - Drood
Slade, Michael - Red Snow         
Slaughter, Karin - Broken  
Suarez, Daneil - Freedom            
Thomson, Keith - Once a Spy    

January Trade Paper
Bauer, Belinda - Blacklands       
Blum, Deborah - Poisoner's Handbook
Bruen, Ken - Blitz
Carr, Carol - India Black   
Eastland, Sam - Eye of the Red Tsar
Gaus, P.L. - Prayer for the Night
Goddard, Robert - Caught in the Light
Goddard, Robert - In Pale Battalions
Grann, David - Devil and Sherlock
Harper, Karen - Dark Harvest    
Hockensmith, Steve - Crack in the Lens
Holt, Anne - 1222             
Jones, Stan - Village of the Ghosts
Kaminsky, Stuart - Whisper to the Living
Lippman, Laura - Girl in the Green Raincoat
Martin, Nancy - Foxy Roxy
Nesbo, Jo – The Snowman       
Parker, T. Jefferson - Iron River         
Pelecanos, George – The Way Home
Perry, Anne – The Sheen on the Silk
Ramsay, Danielle - Broken Silence  
Roberts, John Maddox - SPQR XIII: The Year of Confusion
Seymour, Gerald - Dealer and the Dead
Smith, Roger - Wake Up Dead
Tallis, Frank - Death and the Maiden

January Hard Covers
Bates, Quentin - Frozen Assets
Briggs, Patricia - River Marked
Bruen, Ken - Blitz
Carr, Carol - India Black
Crais, Robert – The Sentry     
Hall, Parnell - KenKen Killings
Hockensmith, Steve - World’s Greatest Sleuth
Lescroart, John - Damage         
Mckevett, G.A. - Decadent Way to Die
Parker, T. Jefferson – The Border Lords
Patterson, James - Now You See Her   
Patterson, James - Tick Tock   
Rubenfeld, Jed – The Death Instinct
Thornley, Scott - Erasing Memory   
Todd, Charles – A Lonely Death
Vyleta, Dan – The Quiet Twin    
Woods, Stuart - Strategic Moves   

February Mass Markets
Allan, Barbara - Antiques Bizarre
Bernhardt, William - Capitol Betrayal
Brennan, Allison - Kiss Me, Kill Me
Doetsch, Richard - Thieves of Darkness
Fluke, Joanne - Apple Turnover Murder
Gray, Jordan - Submerged       
Haywood, B.B.  - Town in a Lobster Stew
Hess, Joan - Merry Wives of Maggody
Holeman, Linda – The Saffron Gate
Kellerman, Jonathan - Deception
Neggers, Carla - Kiss the Moon (Re-issue)
Parker, Robert B. - Split Image
Parris, S.J. - Heresy       
Riordan, Rick - Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rosenfelt, David - Down to the Wire  
Spindler, Erica - Blood Vines

February Trade Paper
Boyd, Noah - Agent X          
Carrell, Jennifer Lee - Haunt Me Still
Dean, Anna - Bellfield Hall   
Gaus, P.L. - Separate from the World
Hart, John - King of Lies       
Hayder, Mo - Gone
Hurley, Graham - Borrowed Light     
Macbride, Stuart - Shatter the Bones  
Parks, Brad - Faces of the Gone
Rees, Matt Beynon – The Fourth Assassin
Sanderson, Mark - Snow Hill         
Steinhauer, Olen – The Nearest Exit
Thompson, James - Snow Angels        
White, Jenny – The Winter Thief

February Hard Covers
Atherton, Nancy - Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree
Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Chimney Sweep
Bradley, Alan - Red Herring Without Mustard
Brown, Eleanor – The Weird Sisters
Dahl, Arne - Misterioso  
Eastland, Sam - Shadow Pass      
Grimes, Martha - Fadeaway Girl     
Harris, Charlaine - Sookie Stackhouse Companion
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Body Line
Higashino, Keigo - Devotion of Suspect      
Jones, Darynda - First Grave on the Right    
Jones, Howard - Desert of Souls
Kent, Graeme - Devil-Devil
Preston, Douglas - Gideon's Sword     
Robb, J.D. - Treachery in Death
Stanley, Kelli - Curse-Maker
White, Randy Wayne - Night Vision      
Wilson, F. Paul - Jack: Secret Vengeance

March Mass Markets
Barrett, Tracy - Beast of Blackslope
Clark, Mary Higgins - Shadow of Your Smile
Collims, Max Allan - No One Will Hear You
Grant, Andrew - Die Twice
Harvey, Michael – The Third Rail    
Hurley, Graham - Beyond Reach
Jackson, Lisa - Without Mercy
Jayne, Hannah - Under Wraps
Jonnell, Lynne - Secret of Zoom       
Nadel, Barbara - Death By Design
Rossett, Sara - Mimosas, Mischief and Murder    
Sullivan, Winona - Dead South

March Trade Paperbacks
Black, Benjamin - Elegy for April
Black, Cara - Murder in the Palais Royale
Bledsoe, Alex - Dark Jenny
Booth, Faye L. - Trades of the Flesh
Caparros, Martin - Vanishing of the Mona Lisa
Chesterton, G.K. - Man Who Was Thursday
Cleeves, Ann - Silent Voices
Eastland, Sam – The Red Coffin     
Fforde, Jasper - Shades of Grey     
Fluke, Joanne - Devil's Food Cake Murder
Granger, Ann - Better Quality of Murder
Gregory, Susanna - Murder on London Bridge
Hays, Tony - Divine Sacrifice
Hewson, David - The Fallen Angel
Hunt, Stephen - Jack Cloudie      
Hurley, Graham - Beyond Reach
Kelly, Kim - Death Toll         
Kernick, Simon – The Payback       
Kerr, Philip - If the Dead Rise Not
Mankell, Henning – The Man from Beijing
Marklund, Liza – The Bomber        
McKinley, Michael – The Penalty Killing
Mills, Mark - Information Officer
Nesbo, Jo – The Leopard       
O'Grady, Rohan - Let's Kill Uncle   
Smith, Alexander Mccall - Double Comfort Safari Club
Thurlo, Aimee - Earthway
Tolkien, Simon – The Inheritance
Vidal, Gore - Death Before Bedtime (reissue)
Vidal, Gore - Death in the Fifth (reissue)
Vidal, Gore - Death Likes it Hot (reissue)
Winslow, Don - Savages
Winspear, Jacqueline - Mapping of Love and Death

March Hardcovers
Allan, Barbara - Antiques Knock Off
Arthurson, Wayne - Fall from Grace
Atkinson, Kate - Started Early, Took the Dog
Bayard, Louis - School of Night
Black, Cara - Murder in Passy
Bowen, Rhys - Bless the Bride
Childs, Laura - Scones & Bones
Coben, Harlan - Live Wire  
Cumming, Charles - Trinity Six        
Daheim, Mary – The Alpine Vengeance
Dickinson, David - Death in a Scarlet Coat
Fairstein, Linda - Silent Mercy     
Fforde, Jasper - One of Our Thursday’s is Missing
Flanders, Judith - Invention of Murder
Harris, C.S. - Where Shadows Dance (reissue)
Hays, Tony - Beloved Dead
Jennings, Maureen - Season of Darkness
Kellerman, Jonathan - Mystery           
Lansdale, Joe R. - Devil Red        
Mankell, Henning – The Troubled Man   
Mosley, Walter - When the Thrill is Gone
Rosett, Sara - Mimosas Mischief and Mayhem
Smith, Alexander McCall – The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
Taylor, Timothy - Blue Light Project

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