April Book Club Questions - Still Life by Louise Penny

Tuesday Apr 19 2011
by Whodunit

The Book Club pick for Tuesday, April 26th meeting is STILL LIFE by Louise Penny. Books are available in store for 10% off. All are welcome. Questions for discussion will be as follows:

1. This is the first book of a series starring Inspector Gamache.  What do we learn about him in the opening chapters?  Is he a sympathetic character?

2. The scene of the crime is the village of Three Pines.  What do we know about it from the opening chapters?

3. Are there aspects of the police procedures that surprise you or that you find unusual?

4. Presumably the cops speak French to themselves while the villagers speak English.  Is this well handled by the author?  Is the bilingual environment in general well managed?

5. What do you think of the subplot involving Agent Nichol?  Did you find it intrusive?

6. The author’s narrative style is to look over the shoulders and enter the heads of some of her characters, but not all.  Which characters does she allow us to see from within?  And which, notably, do we see only from without?  Did you find this disturbing?

7. Can you discern some earlier authors who have influenced  Penny?  Who are they?

8. Do any of the characters in this book change fundamentally in the course of it?

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