June Bestsellers

Monday Jul 18 2011
by Whodunit

Better late than never, here's what people were loving in June!

Mass market
1. Barrett, Lorna,  Sentenced to Death
2. Thompson, Victoria,  Murder on Lexington Avenue
3. Sefton, Monica,  Skein of the Crime
4. Tremayne, Peter,  The Chalice of Blood
5. Franklin, Arianna,  A Murderous Procession
6. Booth, Stephen,  Lost River
7. Hyzy,  Julie,  Grace Interrupted
8. Bolin, Janet,  Dire Threads
9. Tope, Rebecca, A Grave in the Cotswolds
10. Evanovich, Janet,  Sizzling Sixteen

Trade Paper
1. Furst, Alan, Spies of the Balkans
2. Parris, S.J.  Prophecy
3. Pepper, Andrew ,  Bloody Winter
4. Vargas, Fred,  An Uncertain Place
5. Booth, Stephen,  The Devil’s Edge
6. Marklund, Lisa,  Exposed
7. Larrson, Asa,  The Black Path
8. Fowler, Christopher,  Full Dark House
9. Blunt, Giles,  The Crime Machine
10. Campion, Alexander,  The Grave Gourmet

Hard Cover
1. Nesser, Hakon,  The Inspector and the Silence
2. Deaver, Jeffrey,  Carte Blanche
3. Indridason, Arnaldur,  Operation Napoleon
4. Evanovich, Janet,  Smokin’ Seventeen
5. Kerr, Philip,  Field Grey

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