July Bestsellers

Thursday Aug 04 2011
by Whodunit

Maybe you've been stocking up on used books during the sale, but here's the new releases your fellow readers have been buying in the meantime:

1. Sara Paretsky,  Body Work                  
2. Kathy Reichs,  Spider Bones               
3. Janet Evanovich,  Sizzling Sixteen           
4. Donna Andrews, Stork Raving Mad           
5. Rebecca M. Hale,   How to Moon a Cat     
6. Gail Carriger,  Heartless                  
7. Susan Witig Albert, Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree
8. Jenn McKinley, Books Can Be Deceiving     
9. Ada Madison, Square Root of Murder,The  
10. Leslie Meier, Wicked Witch Murder       

Trade Paper 
1. Gail Bowen, The Nesting Dolls  
2. Charles Finch, A Stranger in Mayfair
3. Dan Fesperman, Layover in Dubai           
4. Susan Hill, The Shadows in the Street
5. Stella Rimington, Dead Line                  
6. Chris Ewan,  Good Thief's Guide to Vegas
7. Ian Hamilton, Disciple of Las Vegas      
8. Denise Mina, The End of the Wasp Season
9. Colin Cotterill, Coroner's Lunch            
10. Jo Nesbo, The Redbreast

Hard Covers 
1. Arnaldur Indridason, Outrage                    
2. Eva Gabrielsson "There Are Things I Want You to Know”
3. Lars Kepler, Hypnotist,The              
4. Roberta Pianaro, Brunetti's Cookbook   
5. Donna Andrews, The Real Macaw  

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