August Bestsellers

Friday Sep 09 2011
by Whodunit

Here's what people were loving in August.

Mass Market
1. Coyle, Cleo,  Roast Mortem
2. Francis, Dick & Felix, Crossfire
3. Townsend, Kari, Tempest in the Tea Leaves
4. Burke, James Lee,  The Glass Rainbow
5. Albert, Susan Witig, The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree
6. Harris, C.S.  What Remains of Heaven
7. Haddam, Jane,  Wanting Sheila Dead
8. Connolly, Sheila,  Bitter Harvest
9. Lavene,  Joyce  &  Jim,  Harrowing Hats
10. Connolly, Michael,  The Reversal  

Trade Paperback
1. King, Laurie R.  The God of the Hive
2. Coterrill, Colin, Love Songs From A Shallow Grave
3. Lackberg, Camilla,  Hidden Child
4. Jardine, Quintin, Grievous Angel
5. Upson,  Nicola,  Two For Sorrow
6. Hewson, David, The Fallen  Angel
7. Gregory, Susanna, The Killler of Pilgrims
8. Penny, Louise,  Fatal Grace
9. Bowen Gail,  The Nesting Dolls
10. Robinson, Peter,  Bad Boy 

1. Penny, Louise,  A Trick of the Light
2. Pianaro, Roberto,  Brunetti’s Cookbook
3. Nelson, Carol Douglas,   Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta
4. Todd, Charles,  A Bitter Truth
5. Reichs, Kathy,   Flash and Bones

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