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Thursday Dec 01 2011
by Whodunit

I was surprised to learn recently that historical crime fiction hardly existed before the 1970s and only really took off in the 1980s and 90s. We have just started to stock a new series by Shirley McKay set at the university in St. Andrews, Scotland in the sixteenth century. The main character is Hew Cullan, a young lawyer. The first two titles, Hue and Cry and Fate and Fortune, are available in the small trade paper size ($14.95). The third title Time and Tide is due to be available in Canada in April 2012.

Sometimes despite our best efforts titles and series slip through the cracks and this was the case with the ‘John, the Lord Chamberlain’ series, by Mary Reed and Eric May, set at the Byzantine Court during the 6th century. The first title One for Sorrow was published in 1999 and the ninth in the series Nine for the Devil will be published in March 2012. If you started this series and would like to get back into it we have all the titles in stock. If you are looking for a new historical series to try this one might be worth a look.

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