Store Reorganization

Wednesday Feb 01 2012
by Michael

It seems that it has become a tradition that anytime that I am back in Winnipeg, there is always a ‘little’ project for me to do. This time around, it was a bit bigger than any of us expected, namely the shelving re-organization. It has been noted both by us and by many of our customers that there are too many alphabets in the store, which at times makes it difficult to find what you are looking for.

We started with a fairly cutthroat returning of new paperbacks to the publishers. In doing so, we opened up quite a bit of space on the new side of the shop, specifically in the shelves nearest to the basement stairs on the left side of the shop. Into this space, we have managed to fit all of the Historical Section, rather than have it split over multiple shelves, as we did previously. This in turn opened up space to move the Children’s books into the front portion of the store, and create more space for hardcover and trade paperbacks. Remaining as before were our Nordic section, and our displays of the latest releases.

The changes in the used section were more dramatic. We have merged all of the used paperbacks priced at less than $10 into one long section starting at the rear of the store, by the back door. This section begins with our small collections of used Non-English titles, Anthologies, and Sherlockian, and then continues A thru Z to the middle of the store. The shelf between the chairs now contains the used paperbacks which cost between $10 and $20 dollars. The most valuable paperbacks found in the case on the counter. Used Hardcover’s, Trade  Paperbacks, and the Agatha section remain in their previous homes.

The near complete computerized inventory this project has generated will hopefully help us to be able to tell you which books we have in all of these sections, but it will also do a little bit more than that as well. By the time it is finished, we should also be able to tell you how often we get certain titles in used and how likely it is for it to come back to us. Perhaps even more importantly, for those who forget which books they have and have not read, from this point forward your customer record will track the details of all your used purchases as well as the new. 

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