Book Club - Questions for HER ROYAL SPYNESS

Saturday Feb 18 2012
by Whodunit

Here are the questions for the February Book Club discussion of Rhys Bowen's HER ROYAL SPYNESS.

  1.  If you had been in Georgie’s position in early 1932, what would you have done?
    1.  Stayed in the castle
    2. Married Fishface (or another suitable candidate)
    3. Become a lady in waiting for a rural relative
    4. Emigrated to Canada
    5. Other
  2.  This book obviously owes a good deal to P.G. Wodehouse.  Is Georgie anything more than one of Wodehouse’s  typical upper-class twits?  Evidence?
  3. Does the author make enough of Georgie’s plebian grandfather?
  4. There are some major holes in the plot, for example, that Georgie can squat for days  in the family mansion in London without drawing the attention of the local police.  Are there other similar discrepancies?
  5. At what point – if at all – does the author lose control of her material?
  6. The author acknowledges that she mixes fact and fiction.  Give examples.  Is such mixing annoying or endearing?
  7. Would you pick up and read another book in this series?

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