February Bestsellers

Monday Mar 05 2012
by Whodunit

Spring break is coming. Need some reading ideas? Here's what your fellow customers have been enjoying:

Mass Market
1. Davidson, Diane Mott,  Crunch Time                  
2. Bartlett, Lorraine, The Walled Flower         
3. Cleeves, Ann,  Silent Voices                
4. Brady, Jacklyn, Cake on a Hot Tin Roof      
5. Carlisle, Kate,  One Book in the Grave        
6. Fluke, Joanna, Devils Food Cake Murder      
7. Haywood, B.B., Town in a Wild Moose Chase 
8. Byerrum, Ellen, Death on Heels             
9. Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree  
10. Stabenow, Dana, Though Not Dead   

Trade Paper
1. Crombie, Deborah No Mark Upon Her           
2. Alexander, Tasha, Fatal Waltz,
3. Todd, Charles, A Lonely Death           
4. Kerr, Philip, A Quiet Flame             
5. Hewson, David, Carnival for the Dead      
6. Nesbo, Jo, Headhunters                
7. Alexander, Tasha, Tears of Pearl             
8. Mieville, China, The City & the City      
9. Bond, Michael, Monsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution 
10. Granger, Ann Rack, Ruin and Murder   

Hard Covers
1. Beaton, M.C., Death of a Kingfisher      
2. George, Elizabeth, Believing the Lie
3. Cornwell, Patricia,  Red Mist
4. Jance, J.A., Left For Dead
5. Persson, Leif, Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End

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