Reading Group Questions: A Fine Red Rain

Tuesday May 22 2012
by Whodunit

  1. What do we learn about Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov from the opening pages of this book?  What kind of man is he?
  2. Is Emil Karpo a sympathetic character?  Can we guess at his medical condition (apart from his injured arm)?
  3. What is the game being played by Rosnikov and Colonel Drozhkin?
  4. Why is the circus so popular in Moscow (and Russia)?  [n.b.; the book does not answer this question; you will have to do research elsewhere).
  5. How does Rostnikov manage to manipulate the system to his advantage?
  6. Is Colonel Snitkonoy (the Gray Wolfhound) really stupid?  How has he risen to his present position?
  7. Is Kaminsky’s Moscow much different from Martin Cruz Smith’s?  In what way(s)?  To what extent are both the Kaminsky and the Smith series American views of Russia?  How might a Soviet author be different?  Why are there no Soviet versions of these books? 

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