Newsletter - On J.K. Rowling

Thursday Jun 07 2012
by Wendy

There have been rumours for some time that J.K. Rowling was going to write a mystery novel, designed for adults.  The Morningside area of Edinburgh where she lives seems well populated with mystery writers, including Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall Smith. The rumours were confirmed earlier this year when the publishing house Little Brown announced that they would be publishing the book, which is entitled, The Casual Vacancy.  Due in September 2012, the novel is the story of the shenanigans which follow the sudden death of Barry Fairweather, a member of the local council in a small town called Pagford.  However, in this idyllic looking English town, all is not what it seems… (As mystery readers know, it never is and there is nothing very unusual here.)

I do wonder about the cost; the volume comes in under 500 pages hardcover and is priced at $43.  It is true that the later Harry Potter books in hardcover cost around $45 apiece, but the average price of a hardcover mystery novel at the present is around $30, and Rowling has no track record as a crime novelist. Still, we’ll be interested and intrigued to give it a read and, as ever, it will be available for pre-order and then purchase in the store.

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