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Monday Jul 30 2012
by Sian

I’m embarrassed to admit that despite having been home for two weeks, and having a healthy pile of books to read, that I’ve been sort of stalled reading-wise. But I do have a couple of recommendations and some things to look forward to.

Despite the fact that Meg Cabot has written more than ten separate series and innumerable books in them and without, I’ve never actually read any of her books. Still, when the ‘Heather Wells Mysteries’ series came to my attention, I wanted to give them a try. Size 12 Is Not Fat is cute and quick read, and clearly setting up a series. Heather Wells is a former pop star turned university residence hall advisor who finds it too much of a coincidence when two female students plunge to their deaths down the elevator shaft. With the help of her pop star ex-fiancé’s brother (who is a private detective), and the hindrance of the pop star himself, Heather tries to get to the bottom of why someone is trying to make it look like young co-eds are elevator surfing. I really enjoyed the book, and I’m looking forward to the three follow-up titles Size 14 is Not Fat Either, Big Boned, and Size 12 and Ready to Rock. I must report that they are available in trade paperback only.

I’m continuing to enjoy Elizabeth Peter’s ‘Amelia Peabody’ series, although it took me about a week to get through The Last Camel Died at Noon. My sister reports that she thought the series got a little character heavy, and I don’t think she’s wrong. I will also admit to finding it a little tedious that Amelia must insist on reminding us how amorous she and Emerson are. I’ve bought the next five titles (in used!), so I’m not giving up yet.

It’s my ‘to read’ pile that’s really exciting though. I’ve got the follow-up to Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness called Shadow of Night. There are books four and five in the ‘Liberty Lane’ series, When the Devil Drives and Keeping Bad Company, and with nothing upcoming in the series, I shall have to savour them. I’ve got The Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde to keep me going until The Woman Who Died A Lot comes out in October (and some good news that he’s committed to three additional titles, he’s promising a standalone thriller). I struggled a bit because Victoria Laurie’s last title, Vision Impossible, was set in Toronto with no accompanying research, but I’m open to enjoying Lethal Outlook more.

I’m in residence at the store for another couple of weeks, so I hope you’ll come by and say hello and tell me what you’re enjoying these days.

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