August Bestsellers

Saturday Sep 01 2012
by Whodunit

It's not too late to buy something to enjoy for the long weekend. Here's what your fellow mystery readers are enjoying...

Mass Market
1. Bowen, Rhys,  Naughty in Nice            
2. Coyle, Cleo, Murder By Mocha            
3. Beaton, M.C.  As the Pig Turns    
4. Carlisle, Kate,  Peril in Paperback       
5. Blake, Heather  Witch Before Dying     
6. Reichs, Kathy Flash and Bones   
7. O’Connor, Carol,  Chalk Girl                
8. Cochrane, Peg Allergic to Death          
9. Connolly, Sheila Sour Apples  
10.Levine, Laura, Pampered to Death     

Trade Paper
1.  Burdett, John Last Six Million Seconds,The
2.  Indridason, Arnaldur  Black Skies               
3.  Adler-Olsen, Jossi, Keeper of Lost Causes,The 
4.  Perry, Anne, Acceptable Loss            
5.  Gregory, Phillipa  Mystery in the Minster
6.  Penny, Louise Trick of the Light,A      
7.  Jardine, Quintin, Dead and Buried           
8.  Slan, Joanna Campbell, Death of a Schoolgirl     
9.  Porter, Henry, Dying Light,The     
10.Nesbo, Joe Phantom      

Hard Cover
1.  Penny, Louise Beautiful Mystery, The     
2.  Adler-Olsen, Jussi Absent One,The            
3.  Blunt, Giles  Until the Night            
4.  Douglas, Carole Nelson, Cat in a White Tie and Tails
5.  Robinson, Peter, Watching the Dark

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