September Bestsellers

Monday Oct 01 2012
by Whodunit

It looks like it's going to be an Autumnal Thanksgiving weekend, so why not come back the store and find something to snuggle under the covers with? Here's what people were loving in October.

Mass Market
1. Macrae, Molly, Last Wool and Testament   
2. Holt, Hazel,  Mrs Malory and a Necessary End
3. Hale, Rebecca M., How to Tail a Cat          
4. Daniels, Casey, Supernatural Born Killers  
5. Burdette, Lucy, Death in Four Courses      
6. Penny. Louise, Still Life                 
7. Bowen, Rhys, Naughty in Nice            
8. Freydont, Shelley, Foul Play at the Fair      
9. Bentley, Jennie, Wall to Wall Dead          
10.Muller, Marcia, City of Whispers

Trade Paper
1. Burdett, John, The Last Six Million Seconds (recommended by Jack!)
2. Porter, Henry, The Dying Light            
3. Holt, Anne, 1222  
4. Perry, Ann, Acceptable Loss            
5. Todd, Charles, A Bitter Truth          
6. Burdett, John, Vulture Peak                       
7. Ewan,  Chris, The Good Thief's Guide to Venice
8. Rendell, Ruth, Saint Zita Society,The     
9. Gregory, Susanna, Mystery in the Minster
10.Booth, Stephen, Devil’s Edge

Hard Cover 
1. Penny, Louise, The Beautiful Mystery    
2. Robinson, Peter, Watching the Dark          
3. Pratchett, Terry, Dodger                     
4. Brown, Rita Mae, Sneaky Pie for President   
5. King,  Laurie R., Garment of Shadows         

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