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Monday Dec 03 2012
by Whodunit

Michael's Picks

The 100 Year-old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson is a clever, light-hearted novel. This is particularly surprising when you consider that it comes from Sweden, as the typical Swedish fare falls well within the darker spectrum of the genre. A mix of a modern caper with a historical retrospective touching on a number of important 20th century events, Jonasson does an excellent job making the two work well with one another. With a number of enduring fictional characters, as well as a number of humorous takes on historical figures, this book is a fast and enjoyable read, whether you are a history buff or not. (Read an excerpt here.)

As far as a favourite series of the year, I have found a good deal of enjoyment in reading Kelly McCullough’s ‘Fallen Blade’ series. The series, which follows a former holy assassin who has been reduced to living as a shady private-eye type, the series is more in the fantasy genre than other urban fantasy that we stock, but it certainly follows in the same hard-boiled, first person framework as Benedict Jacka, Simon Green, or Jim Butcher. Three have been released so far (Broken Blade, Bared Blade, Crossed Blades), with the fourth (Blade Reforged) due in June, all in mass-market. For anyone looking to fill the gap in their fantasy mystery calendar, this series is certainly worth a try. (Rean an excerpt of Broken Blade here.)

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