Want to sell us used books? Read this first!

Tuesday May 07 2013
by Whodunit

We're currently suffering from an embarrassment of riches in terms of our used books. While we evaluate our stock to decide whether or not we need to create an author based 'No Buy' list, we would ask that you call (204-284-9100) or email (mystery@whodunitcanada.com) in advance before bringing in used books to sell back to us so we can confirm a good time for you to come in. The process can take a few minutes and take up a lot of space, and this way we can make sure you're bringing in books we're interested in and at a time we're able to devote our attentions to the task. Don't forget, we only buy mysteries/crime fiction and only in mass market and trade paperback (no hardcovers). As ever, buying used books back from customers is completely at our discretion and we reserve the right to change the policy at any time without notice. 

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