Monday Jun 03 2013
by Sian

I’m back to school, but I’m pleased to report my reading isn’t lagging behind as in the Fall. Goodreads tells me I’ve read 47 books this year, which puts me ahead of my goal to read 100 books in 2013.

I think we all have authors we’ll wait for in trade paperback or mass market, but we all probably also have authors that we must have in hardcover. Caro Peacock is one such author for me, lucky since now that she’s moved to Severn House she’s mostly in hardcover. Book six in her ‘Liberty Lane’ series, The Path of the Wicked, is set in Cheltenham and just as excellent as ever.

I had never heard of Canadian author David Morrell, although he is prolific. Still, as part of my ongoing quest to expand my palette somewhat, I found his newest Murder as a Fine Art. (In)famous opium addict Thomas de Quincey and his daughter are among the main characters in this excellent historical thriller. I’ll warn the squeamish, the first chapter is gruesome, but you can easily skip it without missing anything. The ending smacked of a series, which is excellent news. It’s in hardcover now, but I expect we’ll see a trade in the next year.

I want particularly to draw your attention to some upcoming releases during the summer. In July we see trade paperback editions of Tasha Alexander’s Death in the Floating City and Stella Rimington’s The Geneva Trap. Alexander is an excellent researcher and her historical ‘Emily Ashton’ are delights. She’s got the eighth in the series, Beyond the Shattered Glass, coming in hardcover in October. As for Ms. Rimington, I thought The Geneva Trap was one of her best yet. If you want torn from the headlines spy stuff, her ‘Liz Carlyle’ series should be your go-to.

August sees the trade paperback release of Laurie R. King’s Garment of Shadows. I know many Mary Russell fans were holding out for the trade because The Pirate King had been a disappointment. I can assure you though that Russell and Holmes are in fine form and we see some characters from titles past. We’ve no new Mary Russell title to look forward to in 2013, but King has a stand-alone set in 30s Paris called The Bones of Paris coming in September. I have an advanced manuscript, so I’ll be able to report next newsletter.

A particular treat for Rhys Bowen fans brings two ‘Her Royal Spyness’ titles in one year! August sees the hardcover release of Heirs and Graces. And November will have The Twelve Clues of Christmas in mass market to get you in the Christmas spirit (although that seems a long way off now…).

Finally, I wanted to mention an upcoming feature we have planned for the summer. We know some of you like books featuring your vacation destination of choice as reading to take along, while others may be staycationing but looking to go on a mental vacation. Every week starting Monday, June 10th, we’ll pick a destination and provide some titles that feature it. These will be posted on Facebook and the website, so do check them out. Any requests? Email me at We’re trying to incorporate as many of your suggestions as we can into our social media and internet presence, but we’re open to suggestions as well. If you’re on Facebook, do ‘like’ us to get access to some extra content.

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