June Bestsellers

Tuesday Jul 02 2013
by Whodunit

School is out for summer! Cottage bound? Staycation? Exciting trip planned? We've got books suitable for any occasion. Here's what your fellow customers have been enjoying.

Mass Market

  1. Logan, Kylie,  Mayhem at the Orient Express
  2. Connolly, Sheila, Monument to the Dead  
  3. Davis, Krista, The Diva Frosts a Cupcake 
  4. Kingsley, Alison Trouble Vision
  5. Child, Lee A Wanted Man
  6. Ransome, Arthur Swallows and Amazons   
  7. Hart, Carolyn, Death Comes Silently 
  8. Sefton, Maggie, Cast on Kill Off
  9. Dunnett, Kaitlyn  Bagpipes, Brides, And Homicides
  10. Allen, Jeffrey, Father Knows Death                  

Trade Paper

  1. Robinson, Peter Watching the Dark         
  2. Xiaolong, Qiu Mao Case,The                 
  3. Church, James, Corpse in the Koryo       
  4. Gage, Leighton, A Vine in the Blood     
  5. Leon, Donna,  Beastly Things            
  6. James, Peter, Dead Man's Time            
  7. MacNeal, Susan Elia, His Majesty's Hope      
  8. Furst, Alan, Mission to Paris       
  9. Forrester, James, Roots of Betrayal 
  10. Sigurdadottir, Yrsa Someone to Watch Over Me          

Hard Covers

  1. Hiaasen, Carl  Bad Monkey
  2. Bennison, C.C. Eleven Pipers Piping       
  3. Kerr, Philip,  A Man Without Breath  
  4. Crais, Robert, Suspect                   
  5. Carlisle, Kate,  A Cookbook Conspiracy     

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