Newsletter - Event Announcement - Swallows and Amazons Evening

Tuesday Aug 06 2013
by Whodunit

One of the most pleasant surprises of 2013 for Whodunit has been the emergence of Arthur Ransome’s 1930 children’s novel Swallows and Amazons as a local best-seller.  Although not usually thought of as crime fiction, Jack saw the book listed in a publisher’s catalogue and brought it into the shop for two reasons: first, because he remembered reading it as a kid and loving it as an adventure story, and secondly, because he had recently read a biography of its author which had pointed out that Ransome had been a successful operative for MI6 during the Russian Revolution.  To our surprise, many of our customers had memories of the book just as fond as Jack’s.  Whodunit would like to commemorate Swallows and Amazons by devoting an evening to it and its author. This event will occur on September 10th in the store, beginning at 7pm. The festivities will come in three parts: (1) A brief presentation by Jack about the several careers of Arthur Ransome; (2) a discussion by Jack and Alan Mason (pressed into service because of his longtime appreciation of the book); and (3) a reading from the book by Alan, designed in part to demonstrate that it is still worth reading aloud – to grandchildren or others.   All are welcome to attend.  Do give us a call (204.284.9100) or send us an e-mail ( if you plan on joining us, so that we may haul up from the basement the requisite number of chairs and order sufficient “Timbits”.

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