Newsletter - Customer Review - Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore

Tuesday Aug 06 2013
by Gemma Brooks Yates-Howorth

If you’re looking for an easy summer read in the paranormal genre, Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore might be the one. Then again, it might not.  I think it is not the most interesting because it is derivative of almost every series I’ve read in this genre from the Twilight series to the House of Night and everything in between.

The story is about Danny, a high-school guy who is half-werewolf and half vampire.  Werewolves are the underdogs in this high school at night for vampires who cannot be out in the daylight. This idea comes from the House of Night series.  When Danny fears he is becoming more wolf-like, everybody panics.

Wulf compounds where werewolves go at the time of the full moon make me think of First Nations reservations far from towns.  The treatment of werewolves—when they undergo the dreaded Change—is like those in the Vampire Diaries. Will Danny have to go into a compound?  His Dad doesn’t want this to happen to him; he knows how cruel these places are.

The other annoying stereotype is that all the kids in high school are cruel, whereas in the better books like Harry Potter, some kids are really mean but not everyone has nastiness in them.  There is of course a bully who is both a bully and a racist and our hero has to face him down. The writer put everything into the pot and mixed it up and if you like and have read anything from this genre, you will be angry like I was.

Near the end, if you stick with it, you will find something that you have not read in other books. There is some originality. The ending is a surprise. I’ll keep it that way!

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