July Bestsellers

Tuesday Aug 06 2013
by Whodunit

July was a busy month! Here's what was popular. Anything you missed?

Mass Market

  1. Beaton, M.C. Hiss and Hers          
  2. Barratt, Lorna  Murder on the Half Shelf    
  3. Hyzy, Julie  Grace Takes Off             
  4. Sefton, Maggie  Cast on Kill Off         
  5. Blackwell, Juliet  Tarnished and Torn        
  6. Ransome, Arthur   Swallows and Amazons      
  7. Atkins, Ace, Robert B Parker's Lullaby 
  8. Francis, Felix  Dick Francis's Bloodline  
  9. Macrae, Molly  Dyeing Wishes             
  10. Sweeney, Leanne  Cat, The Mill and the Murder

Trade Paper                                                                           

  1. Bradshaw, Mel  Fire on the Runway
  2. Penny, Louise  Beautiful Mystery,The     
  3. Jardine, Quintin  Pray for the Dying
  4. Gregory, Susanna  Murder By the Book 
  5. Mareten, Andrew  Baghdad Railway Club, The
  6. Granger, Ann  Bricks and Mortality 
  7. Robinson, Peter  Watching the Dark               
  8. Doherty, Paul  Last of Days,The          
  9. Furst, Alan  Mission to Paris
  10. 10.  Forrester, James  Sacred Treason


Hard Covers

  1. Brett, Simon,   Corpse on the Court,The  
  2. Bennison, C.C. Eleven Pipers Piping      
  3. Barrett, Lorna  Not the Killing Type      
  4. Brett, Simon  Decent Interval
  5. Pearce, Michael   Bride Box

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