August Bestsellers

Wednesday Oct 02 2013
by Whodunit

Mass Market

1.  Coyle, Cleo  Brew to a Kill,

2.  MCKinnley, Jen Cloche and Dagger   

3.  Collins, Kate, Seed No Evil    

4.  Martin, Nancy  No Way to Kill a Lady

5.  Preston & Child Two Graves

6.  Brown, Rita Mae Sneaky Pie for President

7.  Chase, Erika  Cover Story

8.  Budewitz, Leslie  Death Al Dente

9.  Eastman, Dawn  Pall in the Family

10.Lee, Amanda, Cross-Stitch Before Dying

Trade Paper

1.  King, Laurie R. Garment of Shadows 

2.  Kellerman, Faye Beast,The    

3.  Adams, Guy Sherlock Files,The

4.  Lapidus, Jens Never Screw Up

5.  Kerr, Philip, Prague Fatale

6.  Lapidus, Jens  Easy Money

7.  Hewson, David  Carnival for the Dead

8.  Granger, Ann Bricks and Mortality      

9.  Doherty, Paul Last of Days,The  

10.Tey, Josephine,  Daughter of Time,The             

Hard Covers

1.  Penny, Louise How the Light Gets In  

2.  Bowen, Gail Gifted,The   

3.  Douglas, Carole Nelson  Cat in an Alien X-Ray 

4.  O’Connell, Carol It Happens in the Dark

White, Stephen  Compound Fractures


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