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Friday Nov 29 2013
by Michael

The fourth book in Ben Aaronvitch’s “Rivers of London” series is my book of the year. This series, which follows Constable Peter Grant, a young cop apprenticed to the last policemen wizard in Britain. 

Broken Homes continues to work within the London which Aaronovitch has created, one in which the magical powers in and around London are held in balance by precarious treaties enforced by the London Police. Unlike the majority of the modern fantasy titles of this type, Grant, and his mentor Nightingale work within the constabulary rather than alongside or counter to it. While this may be a small thing for most procedurals, it is exceptional when it comes to wizard as protagonist mysteries. I find that Aaronvitch’s series does an excellent job balancing the fantasy and the mystery in this series, allowing the mundane elements of crime-solving and police-work to work well alongside the mystical ones.

This whole series is new to us this year, and I have recommended the previous titles. I believe that Broken Homes is the strongest offering of the four. Aaronovitch seems to have found his stride in the pacing of his text, but also includes a surprising and powerful twist that resolves the through plotline of the previous three books while building a larger narrative for the subsequent volumes.

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