Newsletter - Upcoming Postal Changes

Saturday Feb 01 2014
by Whodunit

As you’ve probably heard, the cost of postage in Canada for letter mail will be increasing to $1.00 on March 31st of this year. As a result, we’ll be unable to continue to subsidize the cost of postage for newsletter mail delivery. We’re still trying to decide how exactly to deal with this situation, so if you currently receive the newsletter by mail, you’ll still receive this edition and April’s as usual. We’ll announce what kind of subscription we decide on in April’s newsletter and those changes will be enacted for June. No matter what we decide, the email edition and print editions picked up in store will continue to be free of charge. If you’d like to sign up for the newsletter by email, please either tell us next time you visit, call (204-284-9100), email ( or sign up at our website ( If you’d like to pick up your newsletter in store, let us know as well.  

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