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Saturday Feb 01 2014
by Wendy

If you are a Benjamin Black fan you will be pleased to hear that the Quirke books are coming to the small screen. The first series is based on the first three novels, Christine Falls, The Silver Swan and Elegy for April. Gabriel Byrne is playing Quirke.

The final three Hercule Poirot novels have been filmed for television. David Suchet has been playing the part of the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, since 1989.

Over the Christmas holidays we met a visitor from the UK who was working on the television series being made from Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall. The series is six hours long and slated to be shown on ‘Masterpiece Mystery’. From all accounts it is a wonderful production.

For the Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock fans you will be pleased to hear that there are two more series planned, series #4 & 5. I must admit I was not a great fan of the first series and did not watch the second series until the reruns before series 3 which is now showing on Masterpiece Mystery. But I loved series two and I was really looking forward to series three. I must say that the first episode in series three, ‘The Empty Hearse’ was excellent. I am looking forward to the rest of series three and to series four and five. While on the Sherlock theme I still like ‘Elementary’, although many of our customers are not happy with a female Dr. Watson.

I know that many of our customers enjoy the boxed sets of DVDs available from Acorn and the BBC store. If you have been a fan of the George Gently series, a number of the books by Alan Hunter on which the series is based are being re-issued. They are in the trade paper format ($16) and will be in the store shortly. Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse series is also now available in trade paper ($16.99) and we have all the titles in stock.

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