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Saturday Feb 01 2014
by Sian

Unlike Michael, I’m back at school this January so my reading time has been somewhat curtailed. That said, I’ve managed to get in some good reading over the holidays and since I’ve been back to my MBA courses. My goal was to read 100 books in 2013 and I managed to squeeze in 109. My goal for 2014 is to read 110 books, so I’m apparently 1 book behind already at only eight books read this year thus far.

I had been saving Tasha Alexander’s Behind Shattered Glass, the newest ‘Lady Emily’ hardcover, to read on Boxing Day and read it on Boxing Day I did. I enjoyed it as much as I usually do and it was the perfect post-Christmas read. The upstairs-downstairs theme of the interaction of servants and their employers is central to the plot, so if you love ‘Downton Abbey’, you’ll love this. The paperback is coming in July with a new hardcover in October called The Counterfeit Heiress.

Michael’s overseas education allowed us to sneak some titles into the Bumsted house that aren’t yet available in Canada. You’ve heard all the Bumsted’s raving about Ben Aaronovitch’s ‘Peter Grant’ series, and I was happy to see his newest Broken Homes waiting for me at Christmas. I enjoyed the book immensely and finished it feeling much like I did when I finished the first season of Sherlock, not to give too much away (so, shocked). There’s no new book scheduled, so I’m a little anxious when and how things will be resolved. The paperback ($9.99), first edition in Canada, will be in the store on February 4th.

Once again, Mum and Michael were right, and I loved Benedict Jacka’s ‘Alex Verus’ series. I tore through Fated and Cursed (both in mass market), and was devastated to discover that while I had book #4 (Chosen), I was missing book #3 (Taken). So I’m excited to pick that up when I’m home in February. Looks like the next book, Hidden, will be available in the fall.

Finally, I’m continuing to love Charles Finch’s ‘Charles Lenox’ series. Each book just feels like a hug, somehow, so I’m trying to enjoy each one to the fullest. A Burial at Sea was fascinating both in terms of its naval and spy-related plot and now I’m loving A Death in the Small Hours.

Hopefully I’ll have even more to report in April. As ever, email me at with your recommendations.

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