Newsletter - Summer Reading by Wendy

Monday Jun 02 2014
by Wendy

Summer reading means a return to old favourites and trying out new authors. I have just finished Alice Laplante’s, Circle of Wives. This is perfect summer reading not too heavy but with lots of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. A prominent Californian plastic surgeon is found dead and it is discovered that he had three wives; the plot obviously thickens.

Val McDermid, has as part of the Austen Project in the UK, rewritten Northanger Abbey. It has been a very long time since I read the original but this was a fun read and you do not have to have read the original to enjoy or appreciate it. A comedy of manners set in Edinburgh during the Festival with a nod to the present plethora of vampires in novels, well worth a try. In the autumn we will be getting Alexander McCall Smith’s take on Emma.

James Craig is a new author from the UK, where he has become very popular very quickly. His main character, Carlyle, is a Scotland Yard detective and most of the action takes place in London. The first in the series, London Calling, takes place during a General Election and involves a great deal of skullduggery in the upper echelons of an unnamed party. Very fast paced, although there is quite a lot of sexual content.

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