May Bestsellers

Friday Jun 13 2014
by Whodunit

It's going to be a rainy weekend, so that means it is time to stock up on books! Here is what your fellow customers were buying last month.

Mass Market

  1. Victoria Thompson, Murder in Chelsea
  2. Diana Mott Davidson, Whole Enchilada,The       
  3. Jenn McKinley, Death of a Mad Hatter     
  4. Carolyn Hart, Dead, White, And Blue     
  5. John Sandford, Silken Prey 
  6. Kate Carlisle, Cookbook Conspiracy,A
  7. Heather Blake,  Goodbye Witch,The           
  8. J.A. Jance, Second Watch
  9. Ben Aaronovitch, Midnight Riot   
  10. Krista Davis,  The Diva Wraps it Up

Trade Paper

  1. Peter Robinson,  Children of the Revolution
  2. Peter Tremayne,  Atonement of Blood
  3. Mick Herron,  Dead Lions
  4. Cate Campbell,  Benedict Hall
  5. Graham Hurley,  Touching Distance 
  6. Mo Hayder,  Wolf
  7. Camilla Lackberg,  Buried Angels   
  8. Anne Rutherford,  Scottish Play Murder,The  
  9. Elly Griffiths,  A Dying Fall
  10. David Hewson,  House of Dolls,The      

Hard Covers

  1. Donna Leon,  By Its Cover
  2. Len Deighton,  Len Deighton’s French Cookbook
  3. Jo Nesbo, The Son
  4. John Sandford,  Field of Prey
  5. Nancy Atherton, Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well 

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