Newsletter - Thomas Rendall Curran by Michael

Tuesday Aug 05 2014
by Michael

Most of you will have either heard, or read, about the saga of Thomas Rendall Curran and the Eric Stride series: how Undertow, which everyone loves, and has sold furiously, is still in print, as is Death of a Lesser Man the third book in the series. The Rossiter File, the second book however, has been out of print, except for a black market copy that has been passed around in exchange for lunches, is unread.

Well, in September that is all going to change.  On the 15th of that month, The Rossiter File will make its return to our shelves.  We have ordered a dozen copies, and plan to keep it in stock, but if you would like to be guaranteed a copy you can call or email to reserve one.  If you haven't taken the opportunity to enjoy this fabulous Canadian author yet, well, you can start at the beginning today, or come by all three in September.

Curran himself has mentioned a fourth book as well, but hopefully it will not be as fraught in publication as The Rossiter File has been.

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