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Thursday Oct 02 2014
by Whodunit

Faye Kellerman, Murder 101, TP $21.99
In the latest Peter Decker/Rhina Lazarus novel. The couple have left LA and moved to Upper New York State. Decker has retired from the LPAD and taken a position in the Police Department of a small college town. They have moved to the east coast to be near to their children, who are all pursuing their studies and careers in Philadelphia/New York. I think the new location works and I really enjoyed the mystery. I had felt that in the previous title, The Beast, the back story was much too prominent.

Deborah Crombie, To Dwell in Darkness, TP $21.99
This is the fifteenth in this great British police procedural series and the series is going from strength to strength. The story begins with a suicide bomber at St. Pancras Station in London, the terminus for Euro Star (or was it a suicide bomber?).

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