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Thursday Oct 02 2014
by Whodunit

We don’t want to jinx the weather, but as the calendar flips to October, attention turns from Back to School to Halloween and then, inevitably, to Christmas. We just want to remind you that we can order any book commercially available for you (and you’ll get stamps, even), so if you’ve got readers on your list who don’t read mysteries (yes, we know they’re out there), we can provide some one-stop shopping service. As ever, we’re available to make recommendations and we’ll spend some time really thinking about where to point you in terms of “they like X, but they’ve read them all”. We’re also happy to drop a hint in Santa’s ear if there is a book that you’ve particularly been coveting.

We’ve also got our webstore more or less operational. For most customers, this will just be a way to check before you leave the house whether we have something (you can of course continue to call or email as well). Sian will be putting together a video on how to use it, so look for that in the coming months. In the meantime, check it out here:

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